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Peanut Butter & Jelly


We all love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – it’s one of the staple foods of American life,
unrivalled anywhere else on the planet. But you want to know exactly what’s in your PBJ, don’t you?

It’s that kind of thinking that inspired the founder of Pee Bee Jay’s to come up with our concept

High quality gourmet ingredients for every PBJ lover in the nation!

We don’t want to fill you with excess sugars, send you running to the nearest dental clinic or to
worry about your weight. That’s why we fill everything we make with goodness and love. You can
really taste the passion we have for our art.

Now we’re not saying these are low fat, low sugar treats
(because they’re clearly not) but they will fill your stomach with natural ingredients and your heart
with joy.

You see, the simple PB & J always tasted great because it was made with love whether you rustled
one up for yourself – or even better when Mom made one for you. Now with our gourmet PBJ’s you
get to taste the high life with an old favorite that makes you smile from ear to ear with every bite.
We source natural ingredients locally, keeping our pact with the planet that we will protect its scarce
resources. The peanuts in our peanut butter are 100% American. That’s how we can guarantee the
quality and sustainability of our products.